Jackfruit Curry for Biryani

Jackfruit Curry for Biryani

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Jackfruit is also known as faux meat due to its resemblance and texture, has an incredible ability to soak up flavors. Jackfruit biryani is the queen of vegetarian biryani. Avoid the hassles of cutting, cleaning, and marinating the jackfruit and enjoy the Awadhi delicacy right at the comfort of your home. Our Jackfruit has been marinated in aromatic rich bold spices and yogurt and packed with curry.

Storage information: Keep Frozen until use. DO NOT THAW. Shelf Life : 3 months

How to Use:

Cook the curry for 10 min with about 3-4 tbsp water. Add it between layers of cooked rice, and top it up with fried onions, tossed nuts, and coriander.
Ingredients: Jackfruit, yogurt, seasoning, tomato, onions, ginger, garlic, Green Chillies, Coriander, Mint, fresh herbs, ghee, whole spices, Salt, and Condiments

Allergen information: NA

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