About Us

TKC Foods was born with the mission of creating delicious, handcrafted, chef-prepared, global meals that are conveniently accessible in your kitchen and ready to eat in 15 minutes.  This does sound like a rather big ask and you will wonder - how is this done?  Our dishes are ‘fresh frozen’ – they are prepared with high quality and fresh ingredients and then flash frozen and vacuum sealed - locking in all the nutrition and providing a greater shelf life. 


At TKC Foods, we make our meals as nutritious and wholesome as possible, without compromising on taste, freshness or flavors, so that you can prepare these quickly in your own kitchen, at your convenience, and that are ‘Better for You.’  Our kitchen remains free from additives, preservatives and any artificial flavoring.  We often use local ingredients such as yam, jackfruit and lentils, which are not only high in protein and fibre, but are also hard to find on most menus.  With no painful effort of cutting, chopping or cleaning, our restaurant quality meals can be cooked at the comfort of your own kitchen, all in 10-15 minutes.  



Open your freezer, take out a TKC meal, and no stress, no mess, everyone’s taste buds can be satisfied without spending a whole lot of time.  One person is in the mood for a salad, and someone else wants a hot meal – not a problem – use one of our gourmet patties to whip up a nice hot roll, and slice up some of the patties into a salad – everyone is happy!  Or it may be a pesto kind of day – use our fresh chunky dip to make a bowl of pasta, spread it on some bread, add some fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and voila – be transported to the streets of Italy!  These are just a few of the many options that our products offer for meal-time, snack-time or any time!  Use our frozen cookie dough and no one at home will the wiser that you decided to bake yourself some fresh cookies to go with your morning tea!